Baptisms on May 15

Baptisms and receiving new members on Pentecost Sunday. Join the joy.

Women's event

Dinner and gourmet desserts. Worship. Inspiration from Karen Gish. And prizes for aprons!

Listen to sermons online

Sample some of the sermons shaping our hearts and minds. Or catch a sermon you missed when you were out of town.

Everyone wants a good life.

Many of us at MJMC have found that relationship with God is the source of a good life. The Source of the love and peace and joy that every human heart longs for. The Source of a sense of meaning and purpose.

Come see for yourself. Hang out with us as we explore and experience the abundant life that Jesus made possible. Check us out through this website. Visit anytime. And engage at the pace and level that’s right for you. We look forward to connecting with you.