Baptism and belonging


When you’re ready to go public and permanent with your connection to Jesus, we’ll be glad to help you explore the possibility of baptism. We’ll also be glad to help you explore what it means to belong to the MJMC faith community as a member. This exploration happens during a half-day gathering led by Pastor Karl and others.

Between now and then, check out this great read on why it’s important to be part of a local church.

Next gatherings to explore baptism and belonging
Spring 2018

This time is set aside to:
hear each other’s faith journey stories
examine the core values, vision, and history of MJMC
explore the meaning of baptism and belonging to MJMC as a member

Participating in the class does not mean that you are obligated or expected to become a member of MJMC. It is simply an opportunity to explore what that would mean.

Next baptism/reception of new members
Spring 2018

You can choose to be baptized by pouring in our sanctuary or by immersion in a local pond.

Communicate your interest in exploring baptism and/or membership by email, or call the church office at 717 653-5660.
Questions? Contact Pastor Karl.