All of us experience times in life when we need extra care. Perhaps you find yourself in one of those seasons, and one of the care options below would bless you. We’d love to walk with you.

Caregivers for those with memory loss support group
Providing care for a loved one with memory loss comes with special challenges. We want those facing these challenges to have access to helpful practical information and to receive mental/emotional/spiritual support. This group meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30 — 8:00 p.m. in the community room at MJMC. Open to all starting at any meeting. Call the church office at 717 653-5660 to find out the topic of the month.

Grief support group
Grief can turn your world upside down for a season. We would love to see you being cared for by gentle, understanding people as you walk your unique grief journey, so we form grief support groups as the need arises. Call the church office to express your interest in joining a group: (717) 653-5660.

Helping Hands meal
Feeling alone at dinnertime or struggling to buy groceries? Enjoy a free hearty meal in good company in the MJMC Fellowship Center on the third Wednesday of each month. No sign up needed. Just enter through the front doors and turn to your right. The Fellowship Center will be right in front of you.

Parents support group
Sometimes parenting turns out to be a crazy ride. If you find yourself confused or struggling because of what your parenting involves right now, you are not alone. We form support groups as needed to encourage hurting parents. Call the church office for more information: (717) 653-5660.